Why modern Universities needs a better way to Collect and Manage Data

FormBit gives universities a head start in enrollment and fundraising

There are many facets to a modern university that can get out of hand if they are not tracked and controlled in the right way. The best higher education institutes have all of their systems automated to ensure that they keep track of all the important parts of their administration-

  • The prospective applicants that are considering that institute
  • Look after the faculty members and their needs
  • Manage admissions and administer classes, exams and qualifications
  • Be responsible for the safety of all the students, lecturers and visitors on the campus

Streamline Process

The days of managing this by paper are over. The automated and fully customizable forms that FormBit can enable have changed the way that education establishments do business. Our app makes it easy to produce forms that will gather the data you want.

They allow the data side of the business to be automated. This means that the data can be collected on the forms, exported to reports and viewed in real time. Once the system is automated then the rest becomes so easy-

Your workflows are made smoother – saving time and money.

You can see the people that have expressed an interest and follow them up in an instant – enrollment is immediately boosted.

You can ensure that you engage with more alumni – fundraising becomes more efficient and more effective.

Boost Engagement

FormBit brings your administration into the modern age. Your prospects and alumni will hang out online. You need to join them and engage with them. Use the automated data entry processes to gather all the relevant information that will enable you to connect to all the right people with the minimum of cost and effort.

There are many types of forms that can be created with FormBit such as Online Survey, Newsletter Signup Forms, Event Registrations, etc. One such example is the Online Donation Form that can be used to collect data on potential donors.

Your institution deserves the best, so get FormBit today and see the benefits of an online form builder.

Leena Mehfooz

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