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FormBit - A Fast and Beautiful Form Builder A lot of small and medium sized businesses need to implement web forms on their company’s websites. There is no easy way to implement custom web forms, so the companies need to hire web developers to create and maintain the web forms. The main reasons software projects fail are unsatisfactory implementation and lack of dependability in the long run. Our solution is to make it easy to build database forms. With FormBit, the web application, anyone can build database applications without coding. If you have an existing applications and websites you can integrate forms directly into your web app.

Future of FormBit

We are introducing many new features in this beta release, that haven't been seen by the private beta users and now generally available. In summary, today's release make it possible:

  • User Interface - Intuitive admin interface for the form builder that allows the flexibility that you need to build complex and logic based forms, very easily
  • Form Store - Pre-Built form templates that you can customize to your needs. Most of the templates are free!
  • Easy to Start - Sign up takes less than couple of minutes
  • Easy to Integrate - Connect hundred(s) of apps and services with our Form Builder application (blog post coming soon)
  • Features - FormBit's form builder features: Multi-Page forms, conditional logic, viewing submissions, template store, file upload, and much more!

We are very excited to welcome beta users to try out the product and provide feedback that would help shape product road-map.

Leena Mehfooz

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