Teams on FormBit!

Teams on FormBit

Today, we are announcing the availability of Teams on FormBit. All existing customers can invite members to the Workspace to be shared. By giving the ability to share Workspace(s), the primary account holder can delicate tasks and responsibilities to the members - allowing them to perform all the tasks as the primary account holder.

Primary Account

The primary account holder is the user that have Administrative rights on the account. They own the forms, submissions, etc. They are also responsible for billing.

Further, this user can set the permissions at a granular level on the type of actions that can be performed on FormBit by the members. The permissions (as of Beta of Teams) at the moment can be given to Members:

  • Duplicate Form(s)
  • Edit Form
  • Delete a Form
  • New Form
  • Edit Submission
  • Delete Submission
  • Comment on Submission

Note: Not all permissions maybe available, but are planned.


The members can be invited by the primary account. They see the Workspace(s) that has been shared with them and can perform actions set by the Primary Account.


Note: This feature will be available as a beta initially.


We are looking for feedback on this particular feature and would love to hear from you on how this can improve the existing workflow for your teams.

Leena Mehfooz

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