Page Builder by FormBit


We're excited to announce and release the Page Builder by FormBit. The feature is available to all new and existing customers. The idea behind Page Builder is to give the ability to create an optimized landing page forms that can capture essential data. Further, the forms are gateway to conversion, you need to make sure you build and optimize the landing page to convert more leads.

Page Builder features
  • Drag and Drop - functionality that can be used to build a page without writing a single line of code
  • Built-in Blocks - develop your pages faster by using standard blocks
  • Limitless Styling - Style Manager module enables independent styling of any component
  • Responsive Design - Optimize your page to look awesome on any device, with the ability to design and preview on-screen
  • Export/Import - Export the page design and template for backup

Access Page Builder by editing a form to see a drop down menu:

Use the Page Builder to drag and drop components to the canvas:

There is so much more to Online Form Builder. We hope the release will help with the building beautiful forms using our Online Form Builder and customizing/optimizing it via Page Builder.

Would love to hear feedback on the release

Leena Mehfooz

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