Form's Auto Email Notification

We have some exciting feature to announce today, that will available in next couple of days. All existing and new users will be able to use Email Notification that has been re-thought and re-vamped to handle flexibility the users need. We're calling this an Email Notification/Email Action, so each time when the user submits the form: the submitter, colleague, and/or you will receive Email Notification, with the ability to customize the content of it.

Body Content

The new form's email notification feature will now allow the ability to customize the body content of the email that goes out. At the moment, these fields can be customized:

  • To, CC and BCC
  • Subject of the email
  • Reply to Address
  • Summary
  • Content

All of these fields can utilize ANY of the form attributes and submission data. Powerful enough right? This has many use cases and needs within many industries.


The Summary field above can be set to yes/no. When set to Yes, it will send a summary of the Submission within the email.

Dynamic Variables

The variables for the Forms and Submissions data are displayed when creating the Email Notification. For example, if you want have "userEmail" field on your form, you can set CC to "{{data.userEmail}}". When doing so, it will CC the content of the email to the user as well.

You can find more information on how to enable email notification here.

If you comment or suggestion on this feature, feel free to reach out to us. Would love to hear!

Leena Mehfooz

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