Features and Fixes Release

We are excited to release a feature set and fixes that have been planned and requested. The release contains over 30+ fixes and couple of features such as:

  • Duplicating form using an existing form
  • Passing in data to a form - You can now pass data to a form using URL Query Strings. For example, if you want to pass in customer's name, use this syntax: ?firstName=leena&lastName=m
  • POST to external URL - Submit the data received to an external web service for integration
  • Export raw data of a form to CSV form
  • Over 30+ bugs/issues fixed

Not only that, we have maintained up-time during the releases. You can view the current status of service at Service Status.

We're excited to share the latest feature set and release. If you have comments or suggestions on our road map or would like to get involved, feel free to reach via email or chat.

Happy New Year!

Leena Mehfooz

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